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“I have known Bill Wood for over 20 years. In my postion as IT director for Arup Associates during the late 1980’s I employed Bill as specialist technical contractor to develop work-flow applications to assist architects and engineers in the managing of large CAD databases. Since founding Miller Hare I have reemployed Bill both on contract and full-time bases both as developer of workflow applications and as a 3D CAD specialist overseeing the modelling phases of large multi-building, multi-architect design projects.

Bill has always worked for me on a self-managed basis. I have issued a high level specification of the required functionality for a particular software element and have requested by return formal specifications and plan for development, testing and documentation. I have always found that Bill has very clear idea of the timescales required to take a project through each of these stages and he consistently met or improved upon agreed delivery schedules. I cannot speak too highly of Bill’s ability to plan and execute work to a very high standard.

He has worked via Miller Hare and his own consultancy with a wide variety of the UKs best architectural practices and is fully aware of the design processes that need to be accommodated if new tools are to assist rather than constrain the process of high quality design. He has similarly worked for the past 25 years to stay abreast of the customisation and development environments that support the best CAD environments”

John Hare

Miller Hare Ltd
Computer Visualisation Company, London

“I would heartily recommend Bill. When we needed some VectorScript training Bill worked with us to use a real life example as the training exercise, leaving us with a working model that we understood. When we needed development Bill made sure he had all the information before starting off, with development checks along the way and a test bed period at the end to make sure everything was working as expected. Quiet, calm and unflustered professional developers are ones to keep contact details of, and Bill’s are at the top of my list.”

Andrew Coombes

Business Systems Manager
Property, Business & Regulatory Services
Hampshire County Council

“Bill Wood was commissioned to design a plug in object for use in Vectorworks to simplify and speed up Tree Surveys. Initially this was designed purely as a drafting aid which speeded up the plotting of tree survey data considerably. It proved so successful that we decided to extend its functionality to include data capture. We achieved this by linking the data (recorded on excel spreadsheet in the field via a Palm Pilot) to the tree survey plug in object. This enabled us to semi automate the whole plotting process cutting cost by at least another 70%. Bill was given an initial brief outlining what we wanted from Tree Survey, ‘plug in object’. Prototypes were tried tested and modified to fit our needs and improved through suggestions and alternatives proposed by Bill resulted in a more elegant and efficient product than we could have hoped for.”

Clive Thomas

Urban Designer
Pegasus Urban Design
Pegasus Planning Group LLP


AboutHistory | Associations | Presentations