3D Modelling

Customisation | Training

Projects range from small schemes such as single residential buildings through to complex schemes with multiple buildings stretching over a large development site. While working for Miller Hare, London, I have been involved with Canary Wharf and the MHL London model.

3D modelling requires the interpretation of in some cases hundreds of architects drawings and as a qualified Architect, I am more than capable of resolving disparities in the information. In fact, due to the pressurised design process, it is rare to receive a well coordinated drawing set. Conversely, I can also work with minimal information and representative images. Using a mixture of image, pdf and dwg files, the appropriate modelling techniques are used based on many years of experience.

My speciality is 3D modelling but I am capable of producing images and animations, perhaps not to the high standards set by the top imaging houses.

Where Google Sketchup is appropriate, I will supply a well structured SU model with relevant views/animation set for easy demonstration. SU models can also be used to output to rendering packages linked to Sketchup such as Vray, Thea etc. Where Studio Max is appropriate, all files are well structured with geometry tagged and grouped by material. For particularly large models, elevations are split into seperate files to reduce the rendering load. Also as a longtime Vectorworks user, 3D models can be sourced in Vectorworks.

For all 3D modelling packages used, I have built up a set of tools and environments geared to speeding up the modelling process while maintaining accuracy.