3D Modelling | Training

Customisation ranges from one off productivity tools to full environments that can include automatic building of 3D models, data extraction and automated drawing production.

The primary software used for customisation is Vectorworks, Studio Max and Sketchup although any software with an inbuilt scripting environment is of interest. Vectorworks has a particularly rich scripting environment which allows the creation of parametric tools that embody 2D, 3D and non graphic data. I have been writing productivity tools since the days of Minicad (predecessor of Vectorworks).

The aim of customisation is to provide a user interface to speed up output, help standardisation and coordination which will ultimately reduce costs.

Customised environments have been produced for areas such as Building Systems, Exhibition Design and Landscape management as well as one off tools such as parametric escalators and stairs.

Initially, an investigation of the problem is done culminating in a specification and where appropriate a mockup of any proposed interface. This is followed by coding, testing, final release and user training. Generally, encrypted versions are provided for general use as well as a source code version to be maintained for record purposes.