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Duration: December 1981 to end of August 1985.
Status: Team Leader in the Customer Support Department.
Role: To organise the timetabling of training geared to available resources, as well as conducting the training of new clients in the use of GDS products which included computer operations on PRIME and VAX computers.
Experience: Sales Support 

  • Client demonstrations and benchmarks. 
  • Preparation of demonstration material. 
  • Assessment of client requirements linked to product development. 
  • Development of a demonstration environment. 
  • Preparation of exhibition material. 
  • Taking part in presentations (both in conference and on video ) 
  • General technical backup to the sales force. 

User Support 

  • Corporate presentations prior to training. 
  • User training of basic and advanced aspects of the GDS software. 
  • Preparation of training material. 
  • Customer Query service. 
  • Software testing and validation. 

Client Customisation 

  • Project and system management. 
  • Generation of user working environments

Clients encountered

Rendle Palmer & Tritton, Civil/Structural Engineers
G. Maunsell, Civil Engineers
South Oxford District Council
Matthew Hall , Building Services Engineers
Plessey Airports, Airport Design and Build
Shrewsbury Tool and Die, Body Panel manufacturere
Ordnance Survey
South West Water
McCarthy & Stone, Sheltered Housing Developers
Bison Concrete, Precast concrete component manufacturers
Waring & Netts,  Architects
John Brunton & Partners, Architects


About | History | Associations | Testimonials | Presentations