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Duration: September 1987 to September 1989 and August 1995 to May 1996
Status: Senior Product Specialist.
Role: Coordination of all aspects of GDS data release including generating core data relating to :- 

  • GDS menu interface. 
  • GDS products Site acceptance tests. 
  • GDS benchmark material. 
  • GDS software/hardware testing.

Consultation on user interface work for the future GDS product line.

Experience: Bill coordinated the 4.10 & 4.11 GDS data releases and monitored the data assembly using utility procedures/programs. This included the maintaining of multiple platform versions of utilities. Bill wrote the majority of the GDS status menu environment and the GDS Site Acceptance Test environment which was used by engineers at installation time. This environment was terminal independent and required minimal operator assistance. Bill was also involved in GEL program development, interface design and testing for the GDS 5.5 image product and Bell South telecoms project.