Straw Building System

A Vectorworks customisation was written for a straw bale building system inorder to produce coordinated design drawings, fabrication drawings, quantities and costs from a common 3D model.

Steel Framed Buildings

A Vectorworks customisation was written to aid salesmen in quoting for Steel Framed Buildings and automatic drawing production once a sale was complete. Planning layout, foundation plan and fabrication drawings are automatically created from a common 3D model and include multiple views as well as dimensioning.

Steel Worktops

A Vectorworks customisation was written for the automatic creation of scheme and fabrication drawings relating to stainless steel worktop arrangements.

Balcony Systems

A 3D Studio Max customisation was written to import Autocad DWG 3D files and apply predefined materials and mapping to geometry based on a translation file listing object name and associated material name. A set of images were produced for an interactive presentation showing methods of fixing and a full range of balcony configurations.