Vectorworks: Notepad++ for Vectorscript

Notepad for Vectorscript is a code editing environment for writing Vectorscript tools.

Vectorworks: Extrude Path Tools

A set of Vectorworks plugins to generate 3D extrusions along paths.

Straw Building System

A Vectorworks customisation was written for a straw bale building system inorder to produce coordinated design drawings, fabrication drawings, quantities and costs from a common 3D model.

Steel Framed Buildings

A Vectorworks customisation was written to aid salesmen in quoting for Steel Framed Buildings and automatic drawing production once a sale was complete. Planning layout, foundation plan and fabrication drawings are automatically created from a common 3D model and include multiple views as well as dimensioning.

Steel Worktops

A Vectorworks customisation was written for the automatic creation of scheme and fabrication drawings relating to stainless steel worktop arrangements.

Tree Surveys

A Vectorworks customisation was written to automate creation of tree survey output. Tree survey data was collected on site, stored in an Excel spreadsheet, transfered to Vectorworks, tree markers plotted and data added. Tools were used to check validity of the Vectorworks data against the survey data.

Vectorworks Escalator

Deihl Graphsoft, the forerunner of Nementschek NNA commissioned the writing of an Escalator plugin object for the Vectorworks Architect environment.