Vectorworks: Extrude Path Tools

A set of Vectorworks plugins to generate 3D extrusions along paths.

Download PDF documentation from link below to check out how the tools work.

If interested, you can download the software using links below.
For any problems contact via email:

Initially the software will be time limited to the end of 2023 as a testing period. Also, use the software at your own risk and there will be no liability for any data loss from use of the software.

Note “Extrude Path 3D” plugin is still experimental and is subject to errors depending how Vectorworks handles extrusions along paths. Tools developed for VW 2020 and above on Windows and not tested on Mac yet.

Download release zip file and install – updated 231027

Download content zip file and unzip to prefered location

Refer to the documentation: pages “Tool Installation” and “Workspace Setup” for install instructions.

Update 230824: added Modify>Context>Set 3D Polys Planar menu command and bug fixes to plugins.
Update 230922: Command “Edit or Build Extrude PIOs” now handles polygon holes correctly.
Update 231031: Install file fixed for Mac users – previous version also failed 231027. Note there are problems with symbol shapes not drawn correctly and are being worked on.

Example of modelling with Extrude Path Tools below – click image to display in full resolution.